Some of our squad come via a friend’s recommendation; others come to rowing knowing of the challenge, joy, calm and wanting to try for themselves what their friends or relatives have been able and continue to experience. Rachel has had a long connection with rowing, but never had she been
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In more exciting news for the Balmain Para Rowing Program, Rowing NSW has confirmed the NSW State Teams to compete at the Nationals and we’re bursting with pride to announce that JAMES TALBOT has been selected to represent New South Wales in the Men’s PR3 1x Interstate race. In being
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Congratulations RUBY SUTHERLAND on winning the Schoolgirl Head Of The River Para 1x on Saturday at the Sydney International Regatta Centre. Ruby raced for PLC Croydon but did all her training under the watchful eyes of her coaches at the Balmain Para Program. Ruby trained hard for this race and
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The last few weeks have seen an influx of new rowers to the Program, not that this is a problem, we welcome with open arms anyone wishing to learn the art and science of rowing. One of our newer rowers is Simone Cottom who comes to us from another sport,
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Whenever we receive a new inquiry our first thoughts turn to classification – will this person classify; if so, what category; are they on the border of two categories and even more importantly will the classifiers understand the medical issue. There are so many medical issues that allow for classification
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Photo - Peter Spurrier
We asked ourselves when we first started the program why it is that PR2 and PR1 para athletes are seemingly discriminated against by being made to row heavy wide hulled boats that lack the ability to run, that provide no moment where the skill and technique of that rower is
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  Sam works as a Masseur and specialises in working with elite athletes. One of those athletes was an Australian Olympic rower and after discussing the sport with that rower Sam was motivated to try rowing himself. Given his visual impairment he knew he would qualify and the one thing
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Once you’ve been involved in rowing for long enough, you start to pick up your own particular ways of taking care of your equipment.  Whether it is how you wash and clean your hull, when to replace your fasteners, or where you put your oars on the pontoon, everyone has
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Para-athlete Tahli Hind with members of the 'University 2 Beyond' Program at the National Disability AWards 2017 - Photo: Tahli Hind
This morning, Para-Athlete and member of the Balmain Para-Rowing Program Tahli Hind shared her experiences of attending university as members of the the “University 2 Beyond” program, together with fellow alumni Chris Bunton on Radio National with presenters Amanda Smith and Michael Mackenzie. You can listen to the podcast here! The University
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  It’s always healthy to look within, to cast our eyes and our minds and question  whether our sport is as diverse, reflective of community as it could or should be.  Are we forgoing gold by forgoing diversity; by ignoring those that have the capability and capacity, the willpower and
2013, a dim memory for some but for us the first challenge to show there were many Australian Para-Rowers that could not only take on the world but win the fight. This was our first step……… “2013: It has been several years since an Australian LTA crew competed internationally. More importantly
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ALEX SMILES Alex is classified PR3  [ formerly LTA] which allows him to use his legs, trunk and arms when rowing. He is able to race in any size boat – single, double, pair, quad, four or eight – but internationally he has two boat classes he can be selected
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Chrissy sparkle The best way to celebrate the end of a hard year and the worry of whether Santa Claus will drop those dreaded coal bricks or sparkling diamonds down one’s chimney is to have a jolly good knees up where all worries are cast aside and drowned in a
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DANIEL CLARKE     Daniel joined the program in 2016 and rows using his arms and trunk. When in the boat Daniel has a knee strap and also uses a waist and hip strap. He lives an extraordinary life and has achieved things some of us can only ever fantasise
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STEPHANIE WALKER Stephanie is one of our newer rowers and was welcomed to the squad in late 2016. She is classified PR3 [ID] or in the old classification system LTA ID. Stephanie had a brain haemorrhage at birth but her parents tell us she “went on to be a happy,
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