Our Goal For 2018

Our goal for 2018 is a simple one – replace our ageing fleet by purchasing a new racing four.

We were fortunate to be offered the opportunity to purchase the Sydney University St Andrew’s      [ http://www.standrewscollege.edu.au ]winning Sykes four, the Flower Of Scotland, when the Sydney University Inter-Collegiate Regatta series changed from fours to eight races. The Flower had a long history of wins; was renowned for its speed through the water and was carefully tended year to year by Matthew Duly and John Sergeant so was in tip top condition when offered to us.

In 2013 we decided it was time to show not only Australian Rowing but the world that Australia did indeed have top quality LTA rowers and we chose to make our debut at the 2013 Head of the Charles [https://www.facebook.com/2013LTAHOTC/ ]. For our preparation in 2013 and again in 2014 we had the benefit of training in the Flower and she was magnificent. We felt that making a point internationally was important but at home there had never been an LTA four raced at Nationals so we decided that would change and it was the Balmain Para Rowing Program that not only lobbied to ensure the race would be listed as an event but when told we had to guarantee two boats took the line for RA to hold the race we went out and organised the crews. Nothing was going to stop us showing we had the LTA rowers and we were not going to be overlooked when it came to international racing [https://www.regattacentral.com/regatta/results2/eventResults.jsp?job_id=2760&event_id=162 ]. Again the Flower took us to the line and again she brought us home winners, so when the opportunity came to buy her we jumped at the opportunity.

Sadly, though she has served us well it is clearly time for us to purchase a new four and we have set this as our 2018 goal. We are desperate for a new boat but

not just any four but one that will outlast all the others; one that will bring us home winners again and again and one that will serve us as we wish to be served.

To this end we’ve already  received donations and a grant from the Premier but we need to raise a whole lot more to make our goal and we are planning some very special fundraisers and will be selling some fundraising gear that we hope all our supporters will buy.

If every person that clicks like on our page donated just $5 toward our goal we’d be able to raise a great beginning toward the amount we need for the new boat; we’ve some kit and accessories that will be up on our shopsite very soon with monies raised going toward this endeavour.  We hope that everyone will pitch in and assist in our endeavour to ensure that our rowers can access the same quality of equipment  that others have at their fingertips every day at training. We hope that together we can, in the very near future, be christening our new four and then watching our crews row, knowing that all the training and all the gym work won’t be challenged by old, dated heavy equipment. We know not everyone can financially chip in but your continuing words of encouragement, your ‘likes’ and cheers at regattas are just as important and supportive of our endeavours.

To achieve our goal of replacing our boat we are sourcing a long lasting boat that holds its stiffness so  the rower’s energy is directly transmitted to boat speed. We also want ‘aero-grade unidirectional pre-preg carbon fibre to run the length of the hull’ in order to ensure the boat stays stiff over time. We know what we want, now we need to raise the funds and as we said when heading over to the Charles in 2013 and when taking up the challenge for the first fours race at the Nationals……we shall succeed!

We’d be delighted if you had any fundraising suggestions or wanted to assist us in achieving our goal by running a fundraiser or were prepared to do anything else that would allow us to purchase this necessary piece of kit; please email us [ coaches@balmainpararowing.com.au ] or dm us via facebook.

Stay Tuned For Updates……

We shall achieve this in 2018. [photo Jen Whiting]

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